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the most ingenious idea

April 22, 2011

So I had the most ingenious idea. Today is the first day that I’m trying out dragon software that transcribes your voice into text, and I find me a great idea if I would start a blog. It was entirely using dragon software. No editing would be allowed. So I guess the blog would have a couple of purposes: one haven’t learned how to use the Dragon dictation software better. And two, because I think it be really interesting and it can become really popular and people could really like what I have to say about the world . Period. So I just learned my first lesson dragon catch you off after so many number seconds at recording so I guess I have to got to keep my eye on it to make sure that it’s still recording. Anyway, I’m not sure what I was talking about when it cut me off, so I guess I’ll just talk about different stuff. I do remember that one thing anyways I was talking about was about a third reason that I think they would be good to start this blog. And that. Period. Oh shoot, I forgot. Another lesson learned: if you say. Period. It doesn’t add a… It says. As its own sentence, which I suppose make some sense. LOL. This is too much fun I just learned another lesson. If you say… Then it adds a… So now I know how to do it.


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One Comment
  1. 1. I just left another comment on a different post and it didn’t publish, yet when I try to publish it again, it says “this is a duplicate” and I say NO IT’S NOT but it doesn’t believe me.

    2. When this post says “LOL” does that mean you actually laughed out loud? Because that’s incredible.

    3 I think this is an awesome idea.

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