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Easter garage sale

April 25, 2011

Monday, April 25 driving home from work. Today’s the day after Easter and I have a little bit of a cold today so we’ll see if that makes a difference on house clearly Dragon can pick up what I’m saying. It was a good Easter weekends all around, but it was a little bit emotional. Probably the most significant events in my life in the last several years to fillet since I’ve been married, happened about a month ago where my first son was born stillborn. I have to talk more about that experience in a different post.

On Sunday, Easter morning, we decided to go to the cemetery to visit is grave for the first time since we were there for the graveside service. It’s something that I’ve been looking forward to doing you was also nervous about it. And Ashley my wife I think has been dreading going back to the surgery. As you can imagine, she’s having a lot harder time adjusting to losing baby. It only makes sense since she is the one who carried him for a for nine months, and has had constant reminders of the fact that she doesn’t have decided that she was looking forward to since then. I was quite emotional driving to the cemetery. We of course had the three girls with us, and we were listening to music which was a good distraction so I don’t think they noticed how emotional I will I really west.

Once we got to the cemetery however I was able to keep my emotions under control, and asked It actually wasn’t too hard to keep my emotions under control once we were actually there. It is sad to walk around their section or Ian’s berry which is a special section just for small children who passed away. And you can see lots of prayers are young children and sound just as a day older or that died the day that they were born like Ian, and others who were a few years old before they passed on. As hard it is as it is to lose his son was born eight months during the eighth month of pregnancy, Ashley I have both felt that it would probably be even harder to lose your child after you gotten to know them a little bit. This probably isn’t the best topic to start a blog like it’s about but I guess that’s what’s on my mind most of the time lately. One thing it’s hard with losing you genuinely dead before he was born is that we have no memories, and especially no happy memories, to remember him by. They both lost grandparents, and were able to get over the sadness fairly quickly . That we can we have nothing to look back to as far as happy memories, and so I memories of the NR about sad times Pansat experiences. So anyway, I want to go in to much more detail about here right now. Yes we can summit up by Celine we really miss the sign that we never knew.

After church on Sunday we went to Ashley’s parents for Easter Sunday. Very I think 35 people there including family and friends, so instead. There is lots of food, lots of variety. On Saturday it was really sunny out, and it made me realize how much I miss the sunshine. I live in in the Seattle area, and of course it rains all the time. Or so it seems. When it’s not raining, it seems to be cloudy and wet, and so it really restricts what you’re able to deal outside.

We had a garage sale on Saturday since it was the first nice weekend and we have a lot of junk that we need to get rid of, including a lot of supplies and we’ve been keeping for Ian, which we no longer need. I wanted to garage sale to be a learning experience for the girls, so I asked if they would do a lot of work for it… A lot of the planning, help with advertising and marketing, at work at the Gerad salad cell cell things, things like that. Overall they did about as well as you can expect a five -year-old, a seven euro, and a €10 deal. The Centennial, I haven’t decided if I’m going to use their actual names on this blog, of course wanted to go play with some friends. That when we told her that she would get less money if she did that, then she decided she wanted to stay, but she wasn’t too happy about it and make sure that we knew that she wasn’t happy about it. You see, we told them that they would be able to split any money that they earned at the grind cell between the three of them. Of course that was before I realized how much money we would make, and some rather I’ll getting over $100 each! That’s not too bad really . I think that they did learn a little bit and hopefully they can continue to live find new ways to make money. If they are at all willing, that’s something that I really hope to be able to share with them. I want them to understand how they can become entrepreneurs and always be able to make money without having to have a job. Especially as children, I think entrepreneurs can do very well when they start off you are working for themselves instead of taking minimum wage jobs flipping burgers are working at the mall. They were too excited when I asked them to do some market research, however. I wanted them said Mark down on the clipboard where they heard about the garage sale, whether from craigslist or from the signs that we put up, which they also helped create and place. They got that seemed like a bit little bit too much, and I think they were a little bit embarrassed about asking the customers. I did ask some of them myself, because I was also interested. We have a garage sale every couple of years, and I thought it might be interesting to know whether you make the most money from people that come from craigslist advertising compared to those who drive by and see the signs, was the girls had also helps create an place. Overall, the grass I was existing success, the weather was great, and we had a great Saturday.

After the grandson was ever we play at the park, which is right next door to us. I help the girls work on their basketball skills, which they’re just now starting to take out. Especially my seven year old and €10. We actually just bought them their first girl sized basketball. I play basketball still regularly so we had a couple balls around the house, but they are all men’s sizes. It just dawned on us a week or two ago that we didn’t have a ball that they can use. They’re still too short and not quite strong enough to get the ball, even the girl size ball, into the hill. So they don’t have a whole lot of fun shooting yet, but they seem to like dribbling and passing. Really, I think they just like spending time with their parents and they know that I am always willing to play basketball and that that is and almost guaranteed way to be able to spend time with her dad.

I think I’m Xat this off now I’m not quite home yet, but my intent is that this doesn’t take the whole 45 min. trip home to record, but it still gave me some time to make calls and listening to NPR and podcasts and other stuff that I like to do when I’m driving. So all that you tomorrow so long Dragon


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