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Internet street pilots training flight

April 28, 2011

Today I’m dictating on the way into work rather than on the way home. I’m laughing now because there is a car, it’s a red ford probe, who think she’s pretty cool, apparently. He’s trying to zoom around everyone that he can even on two lane roads without passing lanes. But I’m laughing because he keeps getting caught behind school buses and having to stop. The guy actually has a license plate that says mayhem on his super Duper cool red ford probe.

In other news, a few things that I’ve been excited about the last few days: the other day I signed up for an Internet street pilots training flight. I found it through a service that I just discovered called you bitch, which is the daily deal is an aggregator. It collects daily deals from all the different sources, Like group on living social, yelp daily deals, Mama PDF, and dozens of others that I’ve never heard up. It’s got a nice to have them all aggregated into one service that send you an e-mail daily to let you know which deals are out there. It also allows you to select what types of deals you’re interested in pulling sporting events theater tickets, outdoors adventures or equipment, spot treatments, men’s clothes, women’s clothes , etc. etc. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try flying as a pilot. In fact, when I was 14 years old my dad made an offer to me that if I would postpone getting my drivers license, I can’t look into getting my pilots license instead. I’m not sure if you realized how much more expensive a pilots license would be compared to the drivers license, or if I’m just completely remembering that story incorrectly. Either way I didn’t end up doing it. I got my drivers license as soon as I was 16 years old. Which brings up another side story, I don’t understand why teenagers today don’t get their drivers licenses soon as they’re 16 years old.

I know a lot of you made 16 to 18 and even be on bill claimed that they have no desire to get their drivers license because they don’t think they can handle the responsibility. Really? How hard is it to drive? I can understand if they feel like they can’t afford insurance or something like that, but these guys are literally claiming that they don’t want the responsibility of driving Colin they say that they are nervous about running someone over, or injuring people that drive with them, I don’t know – it just doesn’t make sense to me. What I was 16, me and all of my friends would almost skipped school if not go right after school the very day that we turned 16 so that we can have the freedom of having a drivers license. I wonder if it’s because kids are so spoiled these days that they’re used to their parents driving them wherever they want to go. I should clarify that . I don’t really think the kids are spoiled sure say. But I do think that they are very entitled or feel very entitled, and that a lot of parents enable that feeling. And I may do the same thing with my kids. Although at this point, my daughters all are excited to get their drivers licenses Scizzors 16 years old. I know that my parents wanted me to get my drivers license soon so that I can help shuttling my younger brothers around too. So I’m not sure why parents today don’t encourage their kids to get drivers license more. I get it if it’s because they don’t want to pay for insurance or other expenses, but from what these kids are telling me that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Back to the story about my pilot training: I’ve never been up there small single-engine private plane, but I think I would really love it. In fact, I’ve never been in a helicopter either and that’s also something that I really want to do. So in this deal came up where I can get two hours of flight lessons which includes a 45 min. flight I couldn’t pass it up for only $135. So now I just need to find a day that I think the weather should be pretty decent, and schedule my flight lesson. It says that a allows you to take up to two people with US passengers on your flight along with the instructor of course, and my daughters are are you fighting about who gets to go up with me. But I don’t think my wife, Ashley, it’s too excited about me bringing any of my daughters up in the sky with me. She’s certainly has no desire to fly with me herself. I think it has to do with her motion sickness rather than I fear that I’ll kill her, but I guess I’ll never know that for sure.


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  1. Not surprisingly, my favorite part of this post is when you found the flight through a service called “you bitch.” I’m actually kind of glad I can’t figure out what it was supposed to say because having a deal aggregator called “you bitch” is one of the most amusing things to me ever. Also I love how “as soon as they’re” became “Scizzors”.

    Overall though, I’m pretty impressed with this program you’re using. And I’m also impressed with your ability to verbalize in coherent paragraphs. Not sure if my thoughts would come out that way. My speech patterns and flow of thought are more erratic I think.

    Also, if Ashlee doesn’t go up with you and the kids are a no go, I think you should take me on your flight. Obviously.

    Oh an I did drive at 16. But then I lost my license for a year and a half, and didn’t drive that entire time because I was pretty sure my blind eye made me a liability on the road. And, I’ll admit it, I still don’t drive freeways because I’m afraid I’ll kill people. Probably I’m just a wuss. Either that or I’m a hero. Sometime the line between the two is really blurry.

    That’s another reason (as if I actually provided one before) why you should take me on your flight! I will never be allowed to do it myself because I’m deformed and should be pitied. And I’m a hero. And/or a wuss.

    In conclusion: the stream-of-conscious nature of this rambling comment is the main reason I should never, ever dictate a blog post.

    Or, on second thought, maybe it would be really funny?

    The end.

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