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Ducati monster, scholarship application

June 3, 2011

Happy Friday! I figured I’d go ahead and login entry here on my way home from work on this beautiful and sunny Friday afternoon. Today during my lunch break I went into Seattle and went to the Ducati dealership. They had a couple of used to Kodi monsters that I was considering that when I got there they said that only one of them was available still. When I went out with one sales guide to take a look at the one that was available still another sales guy walked past and said he just sold it, so they didn’t have any use ones left. So of course he tried to talk me into buying a new one instead, and asked if I wanted to take one out for a demo ride. I figured why was there I might as well even know I’m not intending on buying a new one. It was sweet!

Now at new Ducati monster starts at 8500 and they go up to 10,000 depending on the model whereas use ones go for 5 to 6004 eight 2004. So they hold their value pretty well, but still I can’t justify spending the extra $2000 to buy a new one partly because they do hold their value so well, so I’ve might as well let them – the previous owner – take the initial hit on the value, buy it for a few thousand lass, and then have it hold it’s value for me from there. I’ve got some appointment set up one for tonight. One for tomorrow morning try to couple of used ones that I found on craigslist, so I am it may end up with a new motorcycle here before too long.

This week my 10 -year-old daughter has submitted her first scholarship application. Yes, I know she’s only 10, but I is bending inspired by stories that I’ve heard of others who have applied for dozens if not hundreds of scholarships and  ended up getting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scholarships. She’s bright girl and so she’ll have many opportunities for scholarships, and they say that there are a lot of scholarships that never get awarded simply because people don’t apply . I figure we might as well start out young can get a head start – similar reason for me starting their rock Aires.

For the scholarship application she had to get letters of recommendations and she was able to get three excellent recommendations from Teria of her past teachers. She also wrote a composition about her experience being on student Council and how she showed shown excellence in leadership. She did a lot of work on the composition , starting with an outline, and then a rough draft, and then settled revisions that we worked on together. Even though we worked on it together and made sure that everything was in her words and that she was the one that was really writing it, I’ll be it with some prompting from me. So I would say things like, quote is there a better way to say that? Quote or quote ” can you think of another word for this?” I’m really proud of the paper that she wrote, and for her showing the drive to fulfill all the requirements of the scholarship. Only time will tell if she actually gets it, but I think the process was worthwhile and hopefully will have many more opportunities to do this in the future and get better at it each time. I’ve also heard that as used start getting scholarships it becomes much easier to get more scholarships because you can start referencing all the scholarships that you party received, which leads the scholarship board to believe that you are a person who is worthy of receiving more scholarships.


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