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I am a 33 -year-old father of three who just started using the Dragon iPhone app for voice transcription. I transcribed this now I dictated this the first day I started using the app, so I’m not very good at it yet. This blog is going to be my opinions my musings and other random thoughts all

I started using the Dragon dictation app because I was frustrated with my typing. I’m a decent typist, but it seems like I was make a lot of mistakes and so I spend as much time in the back key as I do typing and making any progress. The idea also is to make me more productive so that I can make calls from my car when I was driving around, but still be able to documents what the results of my conversation were and what my next steps were. Because I’m in sales. And I have a horrible memory as my wife will attest.

The name of this blog will be the Spokane blog a keyboardless journal of my life, thoughts, and life. Observations. This entire blog is created using text no speech to text software without any editing on a keyboard. I apologize if it’s challenging to read at times, but you can think of it as a puzzle or again, like mad Libs. Larry mad gab or whatever that game is called. The name of the blog is the spoken blog.

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